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Download 3.9

  • Added:
  • High performance mode (disables dashboard refreshing)
  • The language check switches have been added in the likes and comments
  • Detailed statistics of likes for a specific priority have been added
  • Information about WebGL support has been added or hardware support for photo analysis is available
  • Instagram identification has been added as another device. Necessary at Hard Rate Limit.
  • Information about UserAgent on Hard Error Limit.
  • Languages​added: DE, HE, CS, TR, RU, ES, LV, AR
  • Fixed:
  • Error causing Throtling
  • Error causing invalid api
  • Photo analysis libraries will not load when the function is turned off
  • Counting followback for likes, comments, stories
  • Stories have been improved
  • The adding of tasks to the pool has been improved
  • An error that caused not to be added to the pot
  • Translations in English have been improved
  • Errors have been fixed when adding posts to the likes-back system
  • The status check of exchange posts has been improved
  • Fixed Stories module (pool counter, improved scanning and detection of active stories, tags and follow-back)
  • Downloading data from searches, locations, comments
  • Changed:
  • Proxy settings are available without logging in to the account (you may need to configure the proxy again)
  • Sorting the debugger from the latest entry
  • A message about logging into the IG has been unified
  • Prepared:
  • An application prepared for Direct Message and post planner / stories


***There may be errors in translations, the operation of the application in the BETA version***

Download 3.8

  • Fixed:
  • Error counting percentage followback
  • Optimization of sending inquiries to IG (Process Manager)
  • The export of settings has been improved
  • The display of the Emoji window when typing has been improved
  • Added:
  • Exchange system
  • Tag search for use when adding posts
  • Adding tasks from the application
  • Checking user accounts in terms of follow statistics, followers and detailed data (free version up to 2,500 people per day)
  • Automatic locking of accounts above X follow
  • Filtering by Accessibility for comments has been added
  • Filtering option has been added by face detection in photos, possible filters gender and age
  • Added setting of download time to the pool for likes and comments
  • The stories viewing module has been added

3.7 BETA

***There may be errors in translations, the operation of the application in the BETA version***

Download 3.7 BETA

  • Fixed:
  • There is no message about the finite license in the form of a window. Information appears on the main screen which allows you to use the free application functions.
  • The appearance of additional settings has been improved
  • An error that did not display the refresh value of the IG card
  • The appearance of the filter debugger has been improved
  • The operation of the time reset buttons has been improved
  • The problem when polling a language has been fixed
  • Few error follow several in a row
  • The language check in the pool of likes and comments has been improved
  • Added:
  • Automatic updates of secure settings
  • Display the last 30 followback
  • Language filtering acts on downloading to the pool of likes and comments (when it has a description)
  • The unlocked padlock icon shows free options
  • The option of taking a post from the last action
  • Several languages ​​can be selected for filtering (it may be necessary to set the filter again)
  • You can assign more tags to one comment (it may be necessary to re-assign tags)
  • An on / off separation has been added for Post owner / likes / comments
  • Separated statistics have been added for tasks with Owner post / likes / comments (available only for new data collected to the pool)
  • A button to clean up statistics in the pool tasks has been added
  • The function of adding hearts to comments with ticketing has been added
  • Display of changelog in application has been added (after update)
  • Percentage indicator for followback has been added, updated every 15 minutes (prepared for a new function)
  • A local database for storing language and gender recognition has been added
  • Automatic disabling of sources below the percentage threshold has been added
  • Adding links to posts to like (higher priority likes)
  • Liked the latest photo from the given profile
  • Followback has been added for likes and comments
  • A common table has been added for all followback stories
  • A heart has been added to comments after issuing a comment


Download 3.6

  • Fixed:
  • The error time is correctly calculated in minutes in some cases
  • The last 30 days counter now correctly counts all follow
  • Follow-back messages count correctly
  • Other minor mistakes
  • Added:
  • The number of days at unfollow has been increased to even 7
  • Switch on / off the source in the pool tasks
  • Following the follow action, you can enable lamination of profile posts from a specific range
  • After adding a comment, you can turn on the likes of the post
  • A system of Lajk's priority was created, added likes are in order: a system of exchanging likes (a prepared base for this function), after the action of a comment, after the follow action, then from the set function auto liking
  • Suspend follow after a random number from 3 to 6 for a specified time
  • The decrease / increase rate of followers from the last 24h
  • Improved:
  • Changing the license preview
  • Change the appearance of the limit option for observations
  • Change the appearance of the limit option for auto unfollow

3.4 BETA

***There may be errors in translations, the operation of the application***

Download 3.4 BETA

  • Fixed:
  • Displaying the history values of the last observed
  • Checking the language of the biography moved to the end of checking the list of filters (accelerates the application, reduces the use of the Yandex limit and relieves our servers)
  • New default settings have been entered
  • Added:
  • Feedback mode
  • Number of scanned people from a given source (before filtering)
  • Number of people added to the pool from a given source after filtering
  • Checking follow back with followers, locations, searches, comments
  • Limiter and follow-up counter for the last 30 days
  • Filtering likes and comments
  • Improved:
  • Profile scanning is faster (50 packages)
  • Gender check is much faster
  • The error time changed from seconds to minutes


  • Security update IG


*** Do you use tags? Check if the tags are on the blocked list ***

*** When downloading the application, select the appropriate update or installation instructions otherwise you may lose application data ***

  • Fixed: Downloading whitelist from comments
  • Fixed: Download whitelist from likes
  • Fixed: Downloading posts from tags to pool of likes
  • Fixed: Adding to the blacklist of blocked expressions when deleting comments
  • Fixed: Delete comments by account name from the blacklist
  • Fixed: Adding observations from Comments (Location, Tags, Profiles) to the pool
  • Improved: Downloading users to the pool from likes (data download delayed)
  • Improved: Messages after closing do not appear, they remain only in the dedicated menu next to the license status
  • Added: Automatic removal of potentially blocked tags (tags without the latest posts, are also removed only with the most popular posts)
  • Added: Set the display amount of recent follow actions
  • Added: Like the latest 12 photos of a given profile (after entering the profile of a given person, the function only gets posts one time)


  • Added: support for new exceptions for comments
  • Fixed: English language files
  • Fixed: footer numbering version


  • Fixed: New IG error codes introduced (Improved effect on Comments and Likings)


  • Removing posts from the pool with the spam error true
  • Biography scan optimized - removed from checking emoticons, etc.
  • Follow-rate limit - removing a person from the pool or writing out a message about exceeding 7,500 follow
  • Auto commenting has been added to check if the post exists
  • A non-double check was added daily
  • The follow-up behavior has been improved
  • Main application statistics have been added in the main settings
  • Operation of the unfollow scanner has been improved
  • API 0.2 - options for FastInsta application partners
  • Overwriting of main settings has been added (function to be implemented in the WEB panel)
  • Changed API signals every 5 minutes, instead of 30 minutes


  • Some bugfixes


  • RECOMMENDED to update the application on 3.0 due to changes on the Instagram's side.
  • Possibility of changing the version to lower than 3.0 [not tested]
  • Each person who tested the application in the older version than 3.0 receives a 3-day test again (active promotion until February 28, 2019), simply download the application and connect the account
  • With the 3.0 update, the prices are eventually raised to PLN 39 / month without the possibility of discounting with a larger number of accounts
  • We are introducing new service packages, it is possible to transfer to another package
  • The application's speed has been improved
  • Errors with minor errors for the application have been fixed
  • Addition blocking the process of executing actions for the duration of the process
  • Refreshing the Instagram tab every 1 hour to free frame memory
  • Comments do not publish more than 1 comment under the post
  • Import / export correctly imports previously saved data
  • The error related to the account name change and the lack of a license has been fixed
  • Pooling with likes has been improved
  • The function of removing the observations released by the application has been improved
  • NEW
  • Filtering business accounts
  • User name filtering - black list
  • Filtering if it has an avatar
  • Filtering based on the biography language
  • Filtering if it has a description of the biography
  • Emoji added in the comments
  • Native support for proxy servers
  • Progress bar in the white list of users
  • White list copy button
  • Option to disable individual comments
  • The account name has been added in the name of the application tab
  • API service added (remote account management) - an option for social media agencies
  • Keeping the set amount of follow
  • Screen loading settings or not logging into IG
  • Add sleep to all categories
  • An option to assign tags to comments has been added
  • A pot limit has been added in the auto comments
  • An auto pool limit has been added
  • Added feature to not delete observations when someone gave follow back
  • The function of showing who has stopped watching you has been added
  • Deleting comments from a profile based on a black list of users
  • Deleting profile comments based on a blacklist of keywords
  • Automatically adding a user to the blacklist when the comment was removed
  • Application libraries updated
  • The user interface has been changed
  • Improved the operation of the application refresh button when it stops taking actions
  • Unfollow available without a license
  • The auto like statuses have been improved
  • Increased the number of days of statistics shown from 7 to 10 days
  • API IG Observed Download was updated
  • Collateral sent via API IG was updated
  • PRZYGOTOWANO do przyszłej obsługi
  • An application has been prepared for a new function - downloading e-mail addresses and phone numbers of portal users - we invite you to contact usu
  • The application also prepared as the Whitelabel version (for social media agencies)


  • Fixed: pooling with a like pool (NOTE: set the download to the pool at least every 60 minutes)
  • Improved: Comments will not be subject to the same posts
  • Disabled: The function has been disabled while the import / export settings code has been improved


  • Added: Female and male filter (as one option)
  • Improved: Auto comments do not comment on our own posts
  • Corrected: Minor bug fixes


  • Fixed filtering by following, followers and posts.


  • NEW OPTION - refresh button next to the remaining days of the license (after clicking it connects with our domain and check the license in about few seconds).
  • Small functional and translation fixes.


  • NEW UNFOLLOW OPTION - "Delete only followers added by FastInsta". When this option is enabled, FastInsta will give unfollow only to accounts that it started observing.
  • The auto follow, auto likes and auto comments have been improved, so they should generate errors less frequently.
  • The auto comment function should not now comment on the same post multiple times if it has several tags from which we collect to the pool.
  • Separation of auto like and auto comment errors - blocked when the post exists but for some reason the program could not like / comment it, and N/A when the post is invisible for the app (eg when it has been removed).
  • Information about the remaining license - in the top application bar, next to the notification icon.
  • In the table in the main application window, you can now see the last 30 actions (previously - 10).


  • Fixed bug with not gathering to the auto-likes pool.
  • Fixed filtering of accounts by gender.



  • A new connection system with Instagram.
  • Fixed:
    • Following (for now, it may be slower than before, or even not working at all when collecting from the likes and comments of a given account. This will be improved in subsequent updates.
    • Unfollow
    • Likes
    • Comments

  • A notification icon has been added in the top panel, after clicking which the latest information about the application will be shown. This is a test version, in the next updates the window will be properly stylized, and the exclamation point will only be shown when new notifications appear.
  • New updates coming soon!.
  • If you have not received an answer to your email , it is because at this point we are 100% focused on restoring FastInsta functionality. When the app's functionality returns to normal, we will try to answer your questions and then we will focus on introducing new functions in the FastInsta.


  • Fixed bug with followers statistics..
  • Fixed bug with not gathering to the pool from the location.
  • A few minor fixes.

Due to recent errors in FastInst's activity we have prepared a short FAQ:

  • Why did not FastInsta work on several of my and my friends accounts?
    • Every now and then Instagram changes the way it sends data. For example, posts that were previously called my-photo can now be called my_photo. Instagram user will not notice these changes, but the script must be manually adjusted, otherwise it may stop working.

  • Can such situations happen again in the future?
    • Unfortunately, yes, we have no influence on which Instagram data will be used, but we will always be able to adapt to them, and we will compensate for the lost time of our users.
  • Are you going to develop FastInst further?
    • Yes, in the coming months we plan to introduce eg the option to export settings (or save them online) and better, more clear white list operation, along with other fixes that will make FI look and perform better.
  • If you have any problem with our application, please, contact us via the form. We will try to solve your problem and compensate for the time when the application did not work as it should.


  • FastInsta adaptation for the new data transfer by Instagram. In other words, if the app did not collect to the pool or unfollow, the patch should fix this. If not, please, contact us via the form.
  • Due to problems with the app, by 16 March 2018, the license of each user account will be extended by 5 days.
  • We're working hard to ensure that the app will be 100% functional. If FastInsta still does not work for you after this update, please be patient. In a few days we will we will release a statement in connection with this situation.


  • Removal of an error, as a result of which the FastInsta window was refreshed after clicking buttons in the auto likes and auto comments options.
  • Removal of an error that resulted in an empty window instead of a warning when trying to add a blank comment.


  • When updating, FastInsta opens automatically. Thanks to this, there should not be a situation where, for example, Chrome updates it in the middle of the night and the app, instead of working until the morning, is turned off.
  • Increasing the lower / upper limits of some settings. For example, auto likes could be issued no faster than every 30 seconds, now they can be issued every 5 seconds.
  • In connection with the above, in the case of settings deviating from those we recommend, an appropriate warning will appear below the given window.


  • Improved pool scripting (eliminates situations where the pool was not replenished when collected from only one source, e.g. only from a location).
  • The default settings when the application is first installed are now compatible with safe settings.
  • Alignment of tables in the POOL TASKS tab.


  • Removal of an error as a result of which the app did not collect comments and likes from tags.
  • From now on every update the CHANGELOG is automatically opened.
  • Small bug fixes.


  • Removal of an error as a result of which likes and comments could be issued every 2 seconds.
  • Small bug fixes.


  • Possibility to set the time interval for AUTO LIKES and AUTO COMMENTS (which will make these actions more reliable).
  • Increasing the lower limit for time settings of some actions to improve security.
  • Minor translation and functional corrections.
  • More updates comming soon :)